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Percussionist & Teacher

"Yr" (Abel Paul), Multimedia Master Recital [Utrecht Conservatory, 2009]
Premiere of „Yr“ (Abel Paul), [Muziekgebouw Amsterdam, 2008]
‘…yr…’ is both a deconstruction of Debussy’s
popular solo flute piece ‘Syrinx’ and the
creation of a complex musical space.
Hesperides XXI Duo: Carmen Ojeda (Flutes), David Hernandez Deniz (Percussion)
“OSMOSIS”, Concert at LOFT Cologne [September 2013]
„Set for “Osmosis” [Loft, Cologne 2013]
Musical experiment where selected genres
and elements of traditional Vietnamese
music are combined with European
contemporary music, instrumental
extended techniques, live electronics
and conceptual improvisation.
Kim Oanh, Nguyen (Vocals)
Lan Thanh Cao (Piano, prepared piano, Vietnamese percussion instruments)
Gregor Siedl (Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute)
Constantin Herzog (Contrabass)
Sergej Maingardt (Live Electronics)
David Hernandez Deniz (Percussion)
e[K]lektrik Session Nr. 2 - 3
e[K]lektrik Session Nr. 2 – 3 [Cologne, 2014]
Percussion & Electronics works
Sergej Maingardt and Tobias Hartmann
David Hernandez Deniz (Acoustic & Electronic Percussion)